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Sep. 20th, 2007

Lily Allen - Smile (in Simlish) - using Sims 2 Seasons

May. 29th, 2007

Losing my Mind

To save Brendon and most of the people in my life from having to deal with my quarterly breakdown, here goes:

My back is killing me. It hasn't hurt like this in years, and I can't figure out why. Its like my vertebrae and mutinying in different directions.

My teeth are rotting out of my head. Graphic, I know, but I don't have health or dental care until August, so I'm kind fucked until then.

I make absolutely nothing! My paycheck has gone down almost 400 dollars thanks to the bankruptcy at New Century. This sucks because I have to pay for my car, my house and then hopefully have money left over for food.

Eating junk food has caused me to gain weight. I can't afford all the good stuff, so I have to buy the shit, and hello poundage.

My mother is making me move all my stuff out of her house. The great question of the year is, where the fuck and I supposed to put it? Its not my fault I live in an apartment. Southern California has done a great job of making it impossible for Brendon and I to be able to afford to get married, get a house, or even get out of debt. And before you say it, I can't afford to move to another state. Then, there's starting a new job and not having health insurance for another three months.

I feel like just breaking down. I almost did yesterday. Its just so much shit at once. This time three months ago, I had a great job and felt like I was actually accomplishing something. Then someone had to fuck up big time in accounting and there goes my job. I hurt everywhere, I feel like crying, and I"m trying to figure out where the fuck to store this shit I'm taking home from my mom's house.

Just Fucking Shoot Me.

May. 22nd, 2007

Murder On The Dance Floor

what pisses me off, is I can't get this song on itunes...except as a karaoke version. WTF?

May. 14th, 2007

The Living and the Dead

Okay, so Heroes fans...this is kind of a spoiler. So, I'm trying to get down all the people who are alive and dead going into the final episode.

Sylar's Mom
Hiro's girlfriend (red headed waitress)
Issac Mendez
Peter Petrelli (well, alive now)
Mr. Linderman
Simone Devreaux
Jackie Wilcox
Dr. Chandra Suresh
(Mohinder's little sister)
(that guy Matt was hired to protect, guy with diamonds)
Metal melter guy
Girl with super hearing
Someone with frost powers
A cheerleader
Half of New York ?

Petrelli mother
Mr. Bennet
Ms. Bennet?
Claire's brother
Mr. Muggles
Sulu/ Hiro's dad
Claire's real mom

Please tell me who I missed...I'm going off drunken memories. I started watching Heroes about halfway though the season at the insistance of my roomate and boyfriend, so I may have missed some one.

Apr. 26th, 2007

Is it wrong ...

That I kind of think John Wilkes Booth is hot....At least he's replacing my Davy Crockett obsession. I don't want to talk about the hearts I drew around that woodcutting in tenth grade...Hilary and Ashley know...

Apr. 23rd, 2007

Good news

Heroes comes back on tonight. Yay. That's at least something I don't feel like killing someone over.

Apr. 12th, 2007

Thank you Mr. Vonnegut


Mr. Kurt Vonnegut passed away at the age of 84. This is one of the first times I have cried when I heard that a writer has died. 

If you don't recognize the name, maybe the titles:

A Man Without a Country
Slaughter-House Five
Cat's Cradle
The Sirens of Titan
Dead-Eye Dick
God Bless You Mr. Rosewater

And there are several more.

At the top is a link to the Los Angles Times Obituary.

Apr. 10th, 2007

Unemployed and Doing Nothing

So, I'm sitting on my mom's couch for the second Tuesday in a row. I was laid off from New Century Mortgage Corporation last Monday. Can I just call a spade a spade: Mongolian Clusterfuck and a half. It was...interesting to say the least. First, our paychecks were mailed to us, when they told us that they would be deposited directly. Hmmmm, interesting. Then, they gave us a job fair; I got a job interview today. I didn't go...I did some research on the internet last night and it turned out that it was a Scam company. Pretty much Mary Kay for Vitamins. Oh, and right now, I'm sitting on my mom's couch trying to find out who the father of Anna Nicole smith's baby. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Oh, and this Ismus guy is in really hot water for calling a basketball team "nappy headed ho's." He's pretty dumb. However, my mom has taken to calling our dog by this somewhat affectionate nickname. I'm writing a porn with my boyfriend. He's been working with a guy to film and edit a porn. Yes, I told him that it was okay to do this. Actually, Brendon was hesitant and I told him he HAD TO DO IT. I'm one of those whack jobs. 
Oh well.

Mar. 31st, 2007

Taylor the Latte Boy

Its all Brooke's fault...

Mar. 21st, 2007

what to say to the ugly rude woman

Let me just say that it has been the month from hell. I've requested that March 2007 be stricken from the record. My car has decided that it will no longer function properly. This is perfect timing as it is any day now that our company will start lay offs. JOY.

A woman almost ran into my car today. I checked before I started to back out. She whipped into the parking lot, and felt I was taking too long, when I paused so I wouldn't hit her car. She tried instead to go around mine and I waved a hand in the air, showing her that there was no place for her to go. I managed to back out and move so she could go around. She started screaming at me. Like a gracious woman (no violent hand signals ladies and gents) I said "excuse me?"
"Learn how to drive bitch," the monstrosity replied.

This woman was repelant. She was the sort of pale you find only on an albino with hideously small eyes and craggy skin. Her hair was completely white, but she couldn't have been more than thirty. It was hard to tell with the excess weight. She looked like a cross breeding of Mr. Potato head and Medusa minus snakes. I was very angry that she was so rude to me, but instead, fumed about it while I walked around in Target instead.

Here were the comebacks I could have used:

I. I'll learn to drive when you learn to use concealer
2. So Perseus didn't get your head
3. Can I change your eyes and hair by using the pegs in your ass?
4. Yes, this is a Colt .45
5. All dogs must be leased in public places.

Please let me know what else I could have said below.

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